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Choose Love this Mother's Day

The Choose Love store sells real products for refugees. Items you choose will be delivered to the people facing winter in the most difficult conditions.

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The concept

Here's how it works

  1. Browse our store

    All the items in our store represent urgently-needed products and services.

  2. Choose real products

    Our store has everything from hot meals to mental health support.

  3. Leave with nothing

    We’ll get the items you buy to the people that need them most.

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Most Popular Items

Hot Food $15
Child's Coat $15
Warm Blanket & Sleeping Bag $20
Warm Winter Clothes & Shoes $25
Education for Children $25
Basic wash bag $20

Gifts with Heart

Every item in our Choose Love store makes an unforgettable gift. With our personalised e-card creator, you can select from beautiful cover designs, write a custom message and choose the items you'd like to give to refugees on behalf of your loved ones.
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