About Choose Love


Choose Love has raised millions to support refugees and created a movement of people putting love into action around the world.

About Choose Love

Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. We elevate the voices and visibility of refugees and galvanize public support for agile community organizations providing vital support to refugees along migration routes globally.

We are a lean, passionate team driving a fast-paced global movement across 15 countries. In just five years, we have reached one million refugees and raised tens of millions for nearly 150 organizations providing vital support at every stage along migration routes from Europe to the Middle East and along the US-Mexico border.

We are powered by you and by our vision - a world that chooses love and justice every day, for everyone.

About the Choose Love shop

The Choose Love shop is the world’s first to sell real products for refugees and displaced communities.

Every item represents a similar product or service provided by one of the organizations we support around the world. When you buy an item at Choose Love, we get it to where it’s needed most.

Over the last five years this pioneering model has provided refugees and displaced communities with the tools to rebuild their lives.


Every item in our Choose Love store makes an unforgettable gift. With our personalized card creator, you can select from beautiful cover designs, write a custom message and choose the items you'd like to give to refugees on behalf of your loved ones.
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“When the media spotlight had turned away, the generosity of people who shopped at Choose Love kept our rescue boat running, helping us ensure the safety of people making this desperate sea crossing.”

Hannah, Refugee Rescue, a Choose Love partner